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Privacy Policy

Philip Tobias wants to make you look good, and treat you right.

Philip Tobias strives to promote business associates and their products or services, while simultaneously promoting Philip Tobias Enterprises. This requires portraying all business associates, clients, and employers in the most favorable light. It also requires trying to protect all parties' confidentiality and intellectual property rights. This is a tough balancing act, and one taken seriously.

Doing business with Philip Tobias grants Philip Tobias Enterprises the right to use any Tobias produced communications and publications, in whole or in part, for promotional purposes. Possible promotional uses include internet, audio, video, electronic, printed, and other media. Tobias also reserves the right to use quotes, testimonials, and business contact information for promotional purposes.

If you want to change a mention about you or your company, please notify Philip Tobias in writing. Send your detailed request to, or to 1750 30th St. #603, Boulder, CO 80301. Philip Tobias will address any reasonable requests as soon as possible.

Work Samples

Publishing industry custom requires all practitioners to maintain complete and current work samples. These samples are routinely demanded by prospective clients and employers, who require proof of creativity and competence.

In accordance with this custom, Philip Tobias must provide samples of previous work, such as the samples on this website. When providing samples, Tobias is respectful of proprietary business information, and tries to only show samples that are generally considered flattering or public information.

Clients and employers will promptly furnish Philip Tobias with at least two copies of each finished, printed, reproduced, or published work for promotional and sample use.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Philip Tobias retains the copyrights to all original writing, photography, graphic design, and electronic publishing projects sold or produced for clients.

Clients will credit Philip Tobias using their customary byline and index format, and will credit all photographs by year: Copyright Philip Tobias Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Any rights not specifically released in writing are retained by Philip Tobias Enterprises. No reproductions without permission and payment.


Prompt payment is appreciated for all work. For your convenience, Philip Tobias Enterprises accepts major credit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers, as well as cash or company checks. No Tobias work may be used, reproduced, or distributed until payment is received.

Thank you for your business!


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